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5515 Parkcenter #300-17_small.jpg


The Story

Tenby was invited to bid an office project for Sedgwick, a claims management services company. Sedgwick was building an IT 
office in Dublin, OH with a high tech look. 

As a design-build project, there are many moving parts needed to be in place.  Since Sedgwick’s corporate offices are located in Tennessee, the ability to easily share information was a key factor in the success of this project. Tenby provided weekly, in-depth progress presentations during conference calls throughout the project.  The project also consisted of unique work team rooms and finishes, unlike anything Tenby had done before. Work was completed on the building including night work on the floor below to install multiple floor boxes to service furniture. Tenby had to act quickly to adapt to add fire proofing material to wood elements to accommodate building department codes as well.  


The Tenby Way

The project was delivered on the targeted original target completion date without any additional cost being endured by the client. Tenby was able to create break-out rooms that were extremely unique and a first-of-their kind for the company. Tenby has also established an ongoing relationship with Sedgwick. 

Dublin, Ohio




42,606 SF

“Bill did an excellent job of interpreting and managing a highly customized design that was after subject to changes/refinements during the course of construction. The communication and coordination between various and numerous client vendors and that of their own subcontractors was the best I’ve seen in my 30+ years of project management. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will surly use them again myself on any project in their area.”

Gary Eggert, Project Manager,

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