For more than fifteen years, the team at Tenby Construction has been focused on one thing, and one thing only: building out creative commercial spaces that promote functionality, purpose, and efficiency.  Founded as Centerpoint Construction with an unflinching focus on our clients, Tenby Construction has continued to grow and expand over the years because of our commitment to executing the vision that you have for your space. We changed our name, but it hasn’t changed who we are and what we strive to be. We continue to be the easiest construction company to do business within Columbus, we continue to only build our team with the region’s most skilled and personable professionals and we continue to follow “The Tenby Way” – our time tested and carefully honed process to ensure that every client’s expectations are exceeded.


“The Tenby Way” allows us to offer best-in-class service across the board: owners, investors, and landlords, as well as tenants in office, industrial, retail, medical and commercial space.

“The Tenby Way”

Exploration Phase: Tenby works to understand your business’ goals, needs and budget and works with your architecture, engineering, design and internal teams get everyone on the same page

Planning Phase: Tenby creates a plan using the information gathered in the Assessment Phase and develops it further with you and the team

Execution Phase: Tenby selects your team to implement your design within your policies and standards, then consistently re-assesses through the building process

Assessment Phase: Tenby works throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction and assess how we did, making sure that consistent improvement is baked into everything we do